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A Security


Reduces risks

The "CyberCut" software can reduce malicious attacks on your computer. Assuming that 80% of computer users connected directly or indirectly to the internet do not systematically turn off their computer when they are absent, we have calculated that without cybercut your computer can be attacked for 16 hours (if is not stopped or disconnected from the internet)!
Installing a preview and free Cybercut on your computer allows you to reduce the risks by up to 80% by allowing you to manually or automatically cut any external conexion (such as the air mode of a mobile phone).


The "Cybercut" software has been enriched with an automatic planning and self-checking function. This feature allows you to schedule a break in internet connections. With this feature you can leave your computer turned on at night or at lunch with peace of mind. No intrusion will be possible in your absence.
A Lock feature complements security internally and prevents anyone who has physical access to the computer from using it maliciously (co-workers,) or accidentally (children) in the absence of its owner or user. coffee, toilets, others ...)

Easy to use

The software "Cybercut" has been developed in coordination with IT users of all levels to allow a formidable efficiency, a simple installation (within the reach of all), and a use of the easiest, most user-friendly and fun.
Using Cybercut means adopting it and recommending it to all your loved ones!
Using Cybercut means being at the forefront of cyber security!


What is the software for?

The software "CyberCut" reduces the risk of malicious attacks that you can potentially unwittingly experience on your computer (indirect infiltration). If you do not always turn off your computer when you are not in front of the screen, you expose yourself to intrusions of all kinds.
A person who does not turn off his computer makes him vulnerable for an average of 16 hours / day. (independently and in addition to viruses and antivirus ...)
In fact, a computer that is not completely extinguished or disconnected from all communications and the internet may be subjected to espionage, theft of data or codes, attempts at blackmail, identity theft, sabotage, uses of cameras or microphones, etc.)!
Cybercut allows you to disconnect from the internet as soon as you want and reconnect on demand with just one click!

How to download it?

To download Cybercut safely, it's easy: Just follow this link: I'm downloading CyberCut, and register on the platform or go directly to our Download tab. Click, follow the procedure, validate the download despite a possible warning of your windows security that does not know our software .... The tab is set up automatically and you can directly start using it!

Is Cybercut completely free?

Downloading and using Cybercut is free for individuals. An evolved version will be marketed in 2019 to 10 €.
For companies and administrations an additional service will be subject to an estimate according to the needs and requests (number of positions, mode or assistance to the installation of each position, training of use for each employee, awareness conference on risks and good behavior, seminars on cyber security ...)

Cybercut secures my computer against what threats?

CyberCut secures your computer from all outside interactions without your knowledge! Using Cybercut means understanding the need to protect yourself from the growing risks and becoming aware of the right actions, good reflexes, good behavior. Cybercut secures you against all indirect infiltration attacks, and also against some of the direct infiltrations, physical or local via printers or internal network.s

Why adopt Cybercut in my company?

Basically, we have developed this software for businesses and initially for small businesses and small and medium businesses considering the security needs that we could have ourselves within our Start up.
The question says it all: During the lunch break do you turn off your computer?
No ! You put your business in potential danger and you can also put yourself in danger personally!
With Cybercut, you do not have to turn off your computer to be safe:
With a simple click of the OFF button you disconnect your computer from the internet which is therefore 100% secure.
With a single click of the LOCK button you immediately prevent anyone from coming to strum on your computer without your knowledge, thus avoiding any malicious or accidental ...
For a company, the stakes are high, and all available tools must be implemented to protect the work tool, including training and awareness of good behavior, the use of Cybercut is also the model to follow .

Why adopt Cybercut at home?

Our study of 3000 computer users shows that 70% of individuals leave their computers on for more than 8 hours without using it.
So we are as vulnerable at home as we can be in the office, and sometimes more because not having the latest protections updated or main protections of IT services for large groups.
We are all vulnerable on our personal computers.
With CyberCut, you greatly reduce this vulnerability without having to change your usage habits!

What are the future features?

Cybercut continues to improve, you will receive by the end of 2018 an email to offer you to download the new version. In the coming months, we will improve the hours programming system, bring new features and translate Cybercut for all countries

Is it available under MAC?

A version is being studied in close relationship with Apple.
An agreement should be found quickly. especially if you are numerous to claim it ...

Cybercut Winner: What is the Occitan Cyber Security Prize?

On May 29, 2018 took place Cyber Security meetings Occitanie at the Hotel de Région in Toulouse. We participated by presenting Cybercut in preview ..., Cybercut won the prize "Coup de coeur" of the best delegation. The Cyber Security specialists as well as the heads of the large administrations who were part of the jury have praised Cybercut for its simplicity, and for the great interest that such an application brings in the global fight against cyber crime. See article

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Cybercut is compatible with: WINDOWS XP / VISTA / 7/8/10, if you have problems during the installation, contact us at the following email address:

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